What Our Members Say

What Our Members Say

“I was wearing a size 24 and now wear a 4. My waist went from 49 ½ to 34 inches. I can deadlift 175 pounds and the doctor has lowered my high blood pressure medication and I hope to be off it this year. We are now confident, happy, out of pain and strong!”

Betty R.

“I’ve reached a fitness level I never thought was possible. I’ve never been shown this kind of support, and I’ve never felt better mentally or physically. I’m 62 and in the best shape of my life!”

Larry R.

“About a year and a half and nearly forty pounds ago, I reluctantly agreed to participate in a thirty-day challenge at Vital Motion with a friend. Little did I know how much this decision would change my life!”

Bethany H.

“The trainers and fellow gym members make it easy to look forward to workouts! The program is a great mix of weight training and cardio and is able to be modified for any level of fitness! The best gym in town!”

Nicole K.

“I love this gym. Dana and her trainers know their stuff. Super welcoming people, and I have no fear of injury working out here. Since they are so knowledgeable, modifications are not unusual and also welcomed. This is coming from a person with autoimmune arthritis, hernia repair, and torn labrums.”

Valerie S.